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Add a personalized touch to your regular payments with Checks in the Mail. Order personal checks online and have quality, bank-approved checks shipped conveniently to your doorstep. Choose from our vast catalog of designs and find one that suits your style, tastes, or interests.

We're always adding new designs to our collection to cater to everyone's preferences. Pick something hip and trendy or opt for a simple pattern or textured design - you can never go wrong with our designs.

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Browse through our best sellers and see which designs are popular, or do your own thing and choose a design or scenic view you like best. Our checks come in packs that detach from the top, but we also provide side-tear checks for more effortless tearing.

Character Checks
Choose from various cartoon characters and other iconic names featured in Peanuts, Disney, Star Wars, Pixar, and more.

Charitable Causes
Order charitable personal checks online, and a portion of the proceeds will benefit charitable organizations for pets, national parks, marine wildlife, cancer research, and other meaningful causes that might be close to your heart.

Classic Personal Checks
We offer several timeless designs for the modern-day professional who wants to personalize their checks but keep it simple and elegant. Our Classic Personal Checks feature designs that never go out of style.

Dog Breed Personal Checks
Perfect for fur parents, fans of specific dog breeds, or those who just can't get enough of their pampered pooch. Our Dog Breed Personal Checks feature various dog breeds. If you can't find your favorite breed now, check back soon, as we're constantly expanding our collections.

Floral Checks
Colorful and feminine, our Floral Personal Checks feature a wide array of breathtaking blooms. If your style involves plenty of color and flowers, you're bound to find the perfect floral design that matches your personality and aesthetic.

High Security Personal Checks
All our personal checks come with standard security measures. If that's not enough, opt for our High Security Personal Checks for additional protection for your peace of mind. These checks have extra features that can deter fraud and identity theft.

Inspirational and Religious Checks
Make your checks part of your daily positive affirmations by choosing Inspirational and Religious Checks styled with words of affirmation or religious themes you can appreciate the next time you pull out your checkbook.

Patriotic Checks
Show off your love for your country in every check you write with our Patriotic Checks. Wave your flag (or checkbook) and celebrate your patriotic pride with designs featuring the American flag and other iconic symbols of the US.
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