Classic Personal Checks

For the modern-day professional who prefers understated elegance over keeping up with trends, these classic checks are perfect for your taste. The simple designs of our elegant checks always stay in style, making them suitable for users of any age all year round.

Checks in the Mail's classic personal checks are designed to your style for your convenience. Our products feature all the basic security measures and are compatible with your financial institution's quality standards. Find a design you like and fill in the banking details before checking out.

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Classic Checks

Our collection of classic personal checks are available in various colors and designs. Choose from scenic backgrounds, patterns, colors, and simple designs for anyone who prefers using elegant checks that don't cause too much fuss. Customize each classic check to include your name, address, and banking information.

High Security Checks

This isn't your average classic check product. High security checks feature additional security measures to prevent check fraud: Invisible fluorescent fibers, heat-sensitive ink, holograms, and watermarks.

Vintage Personal Checks

More than just your basic designs and patterns, our vintage personal checks feature fun yet classy looks. Professionally designed by artists and graphic designers, these vintage personal checks feature old, timeless patterns that don't go out of style.

Top-Stub Checks

Top-stub checks offer a convenient way of tracking your personal checks. Instead of duplicates, you have top-tear checks that come with a stub that you can use for record-keeping, organizing your balances, keeping tax information, and more. These classic checks offer a faster, hassle-free option for tracking your payments and expenses.

Why Buy From Checks in the Mail?

Checks in the Mail is your leading direct supplier of bank supplies, business, and home office essentials. Our classic checks are personalized to your accounts and are printed with quality materials. Order these elegant checks today to handle your regular payments and transactions.

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