Security of Your Checks

We take the security of our customers' financial information very seriously. It has always been our policy to verify the accuracy and validity of each order to prevent the production of fraudulent orders. We are committed to printing the most secure documents for you and/or your business and protecting your account information. Some of the precautions we take to ensure this, include:

  • Checks In The Mail's checks are printed with four industry-approved security features to guard against check fraud.
    • Chemically Sensitive Paper - protects you from having the written information on your check altered by chemicals.
    • CheckSafeTM Backer - designed to deter reproduction of the reverse side of your check.
    • MP Padlock Icon - the microprint padlock icon is your assurance that security enhancements are being used in accordance with Check Payment Systems Association guidelines.
    • MP icon - this icon indicates the presence of a microprint signature line to identify photocopying.
  • If you have significant changes to your personalization, you may be required to provide verification from the bank of the changes, as it is our policy to make certain that all orders meet our security standards.
  • We are proactive in preventing the production of fraudulent orders. We are active members in:
    • AMOCA (American Mail Order Check Association). As a member of this organization, we exchange information with other members regarding fraudulent check activity. This practice has been successful in preventing repeated attempts by unauthorized persons.
    • DMA (Direct Marketing Association)
    • CPSA (Check Payment Systems Association)
    • ANSI (American National Standards Institute)
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