Checks in the Mail

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Checks In The Mail Help

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General Info & How To

What do I need to order checks?
Don't I have to order from my bank?
What payment methods are accepted?
How long does it take to get my checks?
Why don't you print for foreign accounts?
What if I don't have a voided check to send?
How do I reorder checks online?
Will you process my order without a deposit slip?
What is your customization policy?
Why do Elite checks cost more than Collections checks?
Do you offer "Carbon Copy" checks?
Where can I see fonts and logos earlier?
Can I order online for just accessory items?
How many lines of information are allowed on checks?
Is it possible to print a five-digit check number?
What are the dimensions of your personal checks?
Are the colors on the web site accurate?

Postage Stamps

What is the value of the stamps offered?
How many Forever® stamps come on a sheet?
Do I get a choice of Forever® stamp designs?
Can stamps be sold at a higher price?
How much of a stamp can be torn or damaged and still considered valid?
I did not receive all my stamps and/or they were received damaged.

FraudArmor Check Protection

What is FraudArmor?
What does "fully managed" mean?
Does FraudArmor apply to both personal and business?
What is the process to submit a fraud?
How can I learn more about FraudArmor?